Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rainy Day Clothespin Crafts

What do you do on those cold dreary rainy days of Fall and Winter.... when you start to hear "Mom, there's nothing to do"?? You stop whatever you're doing and try to come up with something interesting to occupy the kids. Sometimes you might say "Let's make cookies". Sometimes you might "suggest" they clean their rooms (accompanied by the sounds of groans and wails of protest). Well here are some fun ideas for projects that will keep the kids busy, happy and productive (even the grown-up kids) using simple modest wooden clothespins. You'll definitely want to keep a stash on hand. And the really good news is, inflation hasn't caught up with the lowly clothespin yet!!!

So, what can you do with a wood clothespin? Has your child ever brought home from school a reindeer ornament made with 3 clothespins? Well, that's one of hundreds of possibilities. You can make clothespin dolls, clothespin dollhouse furniture, clothespin toys, clothespin ornaments, clothespin wall plaques... and more.

There are different types of wood clothespins available, some in different sizes, and they can all be used. There are Flat Clothespins (also packaged as "no-roll" clothespins), Doll Pins (round clothespins that have already had the ends trimmed off straight), and Spring Clothespin Halves (spring clothespins with the spring removed).

Here are some suggestions for your Rainy Day Clothespin Project Box:
1. Clothespins... LOTS of wood clothespins
2. Popsicle Sticks
3. Glue
4. Paints and inexpensive brushes
5. Colored marking pens
6. Fabric scraps
7. Yarn
8. Beads
9. Trims
10. Wood spools
11. ... anything else that might make a fun embellishment.

This is sure to be a favorite rainy day activity for the kids, so keep that project box full and ready.

The Clothespin Book by Jan Way has some adorable projects: a Toy Soldier, the cutest owls you ever saw, Raggedy Anne & Andy Dolls, a clothespin train (complete with Engine, Coal Tender, Milk Car, Tank Car, Box Car, Log Car and a Caboose) and more. Clothespin Critters and Other Fun Things by Geri Whetham is filled with ideas including: Camels, Boats, Horses, Planes, Tractors, an Astronaut and tons more. Cleverness with 3 Kinds of Clothespins from Plaid includes: Baskets, Planters, the 3 Wisemen ornaments, an eagle, an Indian Chief plaque and even more ideas. And finally there's a fantastic book from Hazel Pearson called Clothespin Dolls and Furniture including Spool Ornaments with projects like Indian Brave, Squaw, dollhouse furniture (bed, table, chair, vanity) and the neatest spool ornaments for the Christmas Tree.

If you're looking for even more Rainy Day project ideas for kids, stop by Stone Hill Collectibles and browse the shelves. I have over 1000 craft patterns now (and adding more all the time)!


  1. WOW!! These are absolutely super looking - and what wonderful gifts they would make as well. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Aren't they just adorable? That's an excellent idea about gifts. They can have fun and at the same time even make some of their own presents to give for Christmas.