Thursday, January 8, 2009


Well.... I'm just a little bit late on wishing everyone a Happy New Year... but better late than not at all!!! I hope everyone had a safe New Year and specially wish everyone Health, Happiness and Prosperity in the new year!!

We have been so busy and I have a ton of newly acquired vintage items to put in my store. We went to an auction that was just crazy crazy!!! I think we ended up with something like 230 pounds of items... (as in HEAVY). Now officially certifiably CRAZY, we had them shipped back to Texas. I'm still opening boxes (and wondering if I'll ever get through everything). So, what did I get??? So many vintage items I can't catch my breath!! There are Craft patterns (lots of Cross Stitch), jewelry, postcards, a few cookbooks... and I don't know what all else (remember? those boxes I haven't opened yet???). Would love to have you come visit my online store and poke around to see what you can find. There's something for everyone, and what's on the "shelves" is always changing:
Stone Hill Collectibles

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